Tevis Spicknall


Tevis is one of our younger carpenters, and he's proven himself very talented. Though he has only been with us for 3 years, he worked in several trade capacities with his father's business in residential renovations and has a wide breadth of skills. 

Favorite part of the job?   "At Winchester I often get to do challenging, custom-oriented woodworking as opposed to simply nailing up studs, or something similarly monotonous. I enjoy being allowed the leeway in taking the time necessary to do everything the right way."

Why Winchester?   "Winchester genuinely cares about our process. We treat each project better than if it were our own. For instance, at one of the small projects I just completed, we photographed and measured the exact locations of all the furniture we had to move in order to complete the project. When we finished, we meticulously put everything back in its place such that there was no evidence we had even been there."

Fun Fact: Tevis has recently discovered an intense interest in American history, and he is an annual member of the Mt. Vernon Club.