Before Construction Begins

The beginnings of a custom home bring together the homeowner, the architect, and the builder to work on a project that may take from several months to several years. The marks of a successful collaboration are a shared commitment, mutual trust, and and open lines of communication throughout the process. By choosing Winchester, we assure you and your architect will receive our full commitment to the success of your project. 

A professional architect's role is to marry your ideas and wishes with proven design and structural principles, taking into account the property you have selected and other elements that will influence the final plans for your new home. Our role as the builder is to bring that body of work to life as faithfully as we can... and to make it even better. 

We want each client to be completely comfortable with our company and our capabilities. We will provide numerous examples of our work, arrange for you to visit the homes of other clients, and and answer any questions you may have. We will also seek an understanding of your needs, preferences, and goals. This information, along with a review of the architectural drawings, will help us prepare a detailed construction schedule and cost estimate for your review.