Mary's Chapel Wins Awards

Mary's Chapel, designed by O'Brien & Keane Architecture received the 2017 John Russel Pope award for Ecclesiastical Design under 3,000 sq. ft. The Chapel also received the 2017 Palladio Award for New Design and Construction, under 30,000 sq. ft We would like to congratulate O'Brien & Keane Architecture for their truly amazing design. Winchester Construction is very proud to have been a part of the project and would also like to congratulate all who helped make this project possible including our very own WCC employees with Matt Hall (Site Supervisor) & Mike Campbell (Project Manager), who lead the project.

The project has also been featured in press on Curbed(DC), ArchitectMagazine, Traditional Building, and upcoming in Home and Design.  


Winchester Team Gathers to See the Blue Angels

One of our clients whose house is currently under construction happens to live right across from the Naval Academy. As any Annapolitan and most Marylanders know, the Navy Commencement ceremony is not to be missed. As an exceptionally generous gift, the homeowners invited the Winchester team and its families to view the Blue Angel air show from their waterfront property. 


As luck would have it, one of the cabinetmakers we work with is also an accomplished photographer. He attended the event with us, and recorded some beautiful snapshots of the afternoon. 

Though the shots of the are Blue Angels awe inspiring, he also captured a rare look at the Winchester family enjoying the gorgeous summer day on the water. Attendance was high, so he had no lack of subjects, and a generational range of grandmothers to toddlers. 

While everyone had fun, the kids stole the show with the biggest smiles and the most energetic (and photogenic!) enjoyment. 

So energetic in fact, that some of the dads were looking a little tuckered out towards the early evening. 

Everyone had a wonderful time; with activities ranging from staring at sky waiting for the next jet pass, tossing the football around, to just enjoying the company of our Company. 

We owe our sincerest grattitudes to the homeowners' extraordinary hospitality, as they provided us with a perfect venue for an unforgettable event. 

Furthermore, we would like to thank Rick Hartwig for his stellar skills behind the camera. All photo credit in this post goes to him. Thank you, Rick. 

Winchester Website Gets a Facelift

After a little over 10 years of the same website, which measured in technological terms is about 47 years, we decided to do a seamless renovation and addition on our website, just as we do on our home projects. 

Meet Us

Meet Us

  • You can now meet the people that make the magic -- from our office team to our field team -- everyone now has a picture, and a quick interview-based bio. Meet everyone here. 
  • Our galleries have been updated somewhat to allow for larger and higher res photos
  • This blog has been created! A new version reviving the age-old "Transit" newsletter that stopped hitting the press in 2008
New Projects

New Projects

  • We have added some new projects! View them here
  • We will now be updating our galleries with drone videos recording different interior and exterior views of our projects. There will be a separate blog post to detail this new feature. 



Feel free to browse the new site, and enjoy the new videos -- many more will come in the time ahead.