Tracy Cummings 


Tracy has been with the Winchester painting department for 7 years. He brings 27 years of painting and finishing experience with him, and has an immense skill set. Tracy will work for hours without a sound, though if you talk to him, he is as cheerful and amiable as can be. 

Favorite part of the job?   "While I love working with people too, it's amazing what you can get done working by yourself all day without interruption. Furthermore, having something tangible to sit and admire at the end of each day's effort is satisfying."

Why Winchester?   "Winchester is thorough down to the details most people will never see or know exist, and that persistence continues even after the structure is built and finished."

Fun Fact:  Tracy is unusually talented as a day trader in his free time. He manages his own portfolio, and could shock you with how casually he discusses esoteric financial concepts.