Mike Campbell

Joining the company in 1990, Mike has held a number of different positions in the company ranging from carpentry, to field supervision, to project management. As a result, he not only knows all the different facets of constructing a house, he also knows the Winchester Construction Company inside and out.

With a Bachelors in education from Fairmont University in West Virginia, Mike first pursued a career as a teacher in Howard County, however, he took his childhood-learned carpentry skills into the construction industry where he worked as a self-employed contractor. 

Ever since Mike has joined our ranks, he has flourished in every position he has held - making him an obvious choice to succeed founder Bert Winchester. 

"Mike's construction experience; customer service, and management skills, have helped us advance our mission for over 25 years," says Bert, "I am delighted to have him play our head leadership role in the years ahead."