JEff NEwman


Jeff does us the grace of taking all the esoteric numbers that quantify doing business, and translating them into meaningful English for us to understand. Before joining our team, Jeff was the Controller for an Environmental Engineering Firm, Vice President of Operations for an IT Consulting firm, and VP of Finance and Administration for a Baltimore based Environmental Consulting and Real Estate Due Diligence firm. Jeff has held many roles and is an extremely versatile member of our team as a result. 

Favorite part of the job? "I derive satisfaction from taking a meaningless and unhelpful mess of numbers and organizing them in a way that makes them both useful and easily understood and relatable." 

Why Winchester? "The dedication I have seen from this company is uncanny - we are not just a home builder. Winchester truly develops lifelong relationships with its clients that many times extend beyond just the role of construction." 

Hobbies: Jeff spends most of his free time on the soccer field with his wife and three children. When he is not on the field or playing chauffeur; he enjoys catching snakes, frogs and turtles with his boys, home improvement projects, and the occasional hunting or fishing trip.