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Gary Konigkramer

Project Manager

Gary is unique in that he is not only a project manager, but he operates as an onsite supervisor as well. Originally from South Africa, Gary has been with Winchester for 10 years. Before he joined us, he was a project manager for his father's construction company in South Africa. With a total of 33 years in the homebuilding business, Gary is a tremendous resource to have both on site, and in the office. 

Favorite part of the job?   "I enjoy putting heads together with all the different minds and thinking outside the box in pursuit of custom construction solutions."

Why Winchester?   "The uncompromising commitment to quality is a given. What strikes me beyond that is how many options we offer our clients. With such tremendous resources at our disposal, we have perfected the process of guiding each client through every construction choice in a way that does not overwhelm."

Fun Fact: When Gary is not in the office, you can find him running marathons, or surfing.