Attention to Detail

Other than construction quality and design, the most significant elements that separates the custom homebuilding process from standard construction is a higher level of detail. The same characteristic separates Winchester Construction from many other builders, whether on the job or in the office. Our uncompromising attention to detail makes and extremely complex process go as smoothly as possible from, the outset to the finished project. 

As we build your home, we focus on bringing together wood, glass, stone, and other natural elements to create a beautiful environment that is both distinctive and easy to maintain. We never take shortcuts, because that is not the Winchester way. We build our homes to last for generations. 

Our support team seeks out the finest materials and fixtures at the best price based on your exact specifications. We have developed extensive lists of quality suppliers for everything from cabinetry to hardware. If you have unique requests, we will carefully research options; and present prices, choices, and recommendations to you. 

You will find our accounting to be as precise as our craftsmanship. The application for payment is completely transparent, providing a detailed record of any and all expenditures. It is also our practice that the final payment is never due until you have had the opportunity to experience the quality of your new home. 

Our focus on detail applies to the basics first: establishing open lines of communication, answering your questions fully,  meeting with you on schedule, accommodating design changes, and keeping you informed. Day after day, the details make all the difference.