Bert Winchester

Bert Winchester, our founder and namesake, has spent his entire life building and constructing. He started with boat building as a kid, as well as small projects around the house.  He got the bug for serious home construction when he and his wife purchased an old fixer-upper with “great bones, and lots of potential.” They did the vast majority of restoration work themselves, and brought the southern slice of history to a grandeur that was better than the original. 

With a B.S. In Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia, Bert began his career in structural steel design. As he got more interested in home construction, however; he could not help but notice that although most residential contractors meant well, they were not always the most organized with timelines, and had trouble making things meld together in a project. It is with that mindset – the organizational skills of engineering coupled with the passion to produce top quality structures – that Bert Winchester started Winchester Construction in 1980. That same mindset is what distinguishes Winchester from other builders today.

Where do you derive the most enjoyment and satisfaction from your work?

“…listening to our clients, and then he;ping them achieve their goals. I enjoy guiding clients through the many decisions that are entailed in a fine custom home, and exposing them to the vast knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Furthermore, we try to see that clients think beyond what may be the current trend, and guide them towards ultimate durability.”
“I also take great enjoyment in seeing the progression of our employees. Some of our most beautiful projects have been run by guys who started sweeping floors on our jobsites without a clue as to what their future held.”

If you had to define a “Winchester Way,” how would you do so?

“We constantly seek ways to improve. One of the benefits derived from remodeling jobs is that we can directly see what has worked and what has not. We use those observations to guide us in new and improved construction methods. We aim for maximum longevity and ease of maintenance, while maintaining the client's aesthetic preferences. Years ago, we decided to develop our own Winchester ‘standard details,’ which was a collaborative effort launched because we were not thrilled with the options available on the mass market. Those details are constantly improving, and are the details that distinguish our projects.”